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Models / Samantha Alexandra

Avg Rating: 5.0

Samantha Alexandra Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Leggy
Best Feature:  Classy Posh Beauty
Date Joined:  12 September 2021
Twitter:  @SamAlexOfficial

Leggy MILF Samantha is a very well spoken English rose from the midlands. The former private schoolgirl has explored her wild side since turning 18 and has been involved in glamour and adult modelling for the past 11 years.
Standing at 5"8 without heels, she has a gorgeous 32-24-32 figure with D cup enhanced boobs. Her classic beauty is helped by very few tattoos, those that she does have are very small and well hidden.
Samantha Alexandra Updates

Eat The Biscuit
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra June 30, 2022
Your two favorite blonde goddesses are back with another way of humiliating you! They are taking you back to the university dorm to strip you in front of the college girls and this time one of the girls is bringing her boyfriend. He has a massive black cock and you are going to stand next to him and...
Object Humping
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra June 2, 2022
It's bas enough you have had to strip naked in front of 20 college girls but now Sam and Paris are going to make you dry hump objects so everyone can laugh at the loser! First up you have to fuck a pillow while all the girls surround you and take pictures. Then a toilet roll and finally they have brought...
Me And Your Friends
Samantha Alexandra May 12, 2022
Bitchy Samantha wants to show you once and for all what a small cock loser you really are. She is going to strip you naked and handcuff your hands behind your back. Then she is going to get all your well hung male friends to come in and laugh at you before she bends over, looks you straight in the eyes...
College Girls Show
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra April 14, 2022
Sam and Paris promised to come up with some more ways of humiliating you and here is their next idea. They have spoken to their girlfriends at the local university who have never seen a tiny penis. To fix this, they are having an all girl party in the dorm with you as the entertainment! You are going...
Selfies Please
Samantha Alexandra March 31, 2022
Stunning Samantha has told all her friends about your tiny dick - but they don't believe her and want pictures! So she orders you to take some photos of your little willy and send it to her so her large all-female WhatsApp group can have a good laugh. Then she wants you to write “I am a tiny dick loser”...
Sharing His Secret
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra March 10, 2022
Samantha knows how small your dick is but you were hoping she wouldn't tell anyone. Unfortunately today she told best friend Paris and she now wants to see for herself. She has never seen a small cock before so when you drop your trousers she cries out in shock! She tells you it's the most pathetic dick...
Samantha's Dick Ratings
Samantha Alexandra February 27, 2022
Leggy blonde Samantha is nearly 6 foot tall so she is used to (and expects!) her men to have a big cock. You can imagine her surprise when we sent her pictures of two of our members who had the smallest penises she has ever seen! Poor Sam is appalled by how pathetic our two losers are and describes their...
Real Men Pictures
Samantha Alexandra February 17, 2022
Have you ever had a beautiful blonde goddess compare your tiny maggot to a huge alpha cock? Samantha is so disgusted with the pathetic worm between your legs that she has decided to show you what real men's dicks look like. As she shows big cocks on the screen she humiliates you and tells you how inadequate...
Dating Deal
Samantha Alexandra January 27, 2022
Samantha is working out when you try to chat her up. She tells you to go away because there are only two types of guys in the gym - steroid guys with a small cock or fat guys with a small cock. When you persevere, she tells you to flop out your dick and if it is big she will go on a date with you. But...
This Is Awkward
Samantha Alexandra January 6, 2022
Sam has met you at the club and is all stripped naked ready to fuck . . when she sees your penis. To say she is unimpressed would be an understatement! She humiliates you, asking why you didn't let your well hung friend chat her up instead. She calls you a loser and says she wouldn't fuck you if you...
TASK - Size Feedback
Samantha Alexandra December 19, 2021
Beautiful goddess Samantha wants to give you some public humiliation in this task. She tells you to set up a free e-mail address which MUST include your real first name - like Then you have to strip naked and write "what do you think girls?" on your tummy, take a picture and post...