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Models / Paris Model

Avg Rating: 4.8

Paris Model Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Leggy
Best Feature:  Classy MILF
Date Joined:  16 January 2022
Twitter:  @ParisModelUK

Classy blonde Paris has been doing glamour and fetish modelling for nearly ten years. Her stunning looks and posh demeanour hide a naughty side and she has a particular love of being spanked!
The 30-year-old can also be very dominant when she wants to be and says one of her pastimes is collecting keys for cock cages!
Her boobs are all natural and a lovely 32C and her slim figure is the result of regular gym sessions.
Paris Model Updates

Paris Model October 29, 2023
After a long month in which Joe has had his dick locked the entire time, it is finally time for Locktober to be over. Mistress Paris dangles the key's to his chastity device in front of him and laughs at his discomfort. But as it's now November she hands over the keys and lets him free his tiny penis....
Coed Babysitter
Paris Model July 28, 2022
Your girlfriend Paris is going out tonight with a guy from work. She's heard he has a big dick so she is going to fuck him all night while you stay at home. She has arranged for the college girl from next door to come and babysit you - and you must be naked the whole night. Apparently the college girl...
Eat The Biscuit
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra June 30, 2022
Your two favorite blonde goddesses are back with another way of humiliating you! They are taking you back to the university dorm to strip you in front of the college girls and this time one of the girls is bringing her boyfriend. He has a massive black cock and you are going to stand next to him and...
Object Humping
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra June 2, 2022
It's bas enough you have had to strip naked in front of 20 college girls but now Sam and Paris are going to make you dry hump objects so everyone can laugh at the loser! First up you have to fuck a pillow while all the girls surround you and take pictures. Then a toilet roll and finally they have brought...
College Girls Show
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra April 14, 2022
Sam and Paris promised to come up with some more ways of humiliating you and here is their next idea. They have spoken to their girlfriends at the local university who have never seen a tiny penis. To fix this, they are having an all girl party in the dorm with you as the entertainment! You are going...
Small Dick Tickets
Paris Model, Princess Phee April 3, 2022
When Phee tells office manager Paris that she has found e-mails about penis enlargement on a member of staff's computer, they are determined to find out if he has a small dick. They call him into the office, order him to strip down and then burst out laughing when they see his baby pee pee. They tease...
Sharing His Secret
Paris Model, Samantha Alexandra March 10, 2022
Samantha knows how small your dick is but you were hoping she wouldn't tell anyone. Unfortunately today she told best friend Paris and she now wants to see for herself. She has never seen a small cock before so when you drop your trousers she cries out in shock! She tells you it's the most pathetic dick...
Paris's Dick Ratings
Paris Model January 30, 2022
Paris is a size queen and is used to fucking big cocks. So you can imagine her shock when we sent her photos of two of our members' tiny penises! The first loser made her laugh with photos of his tiny pecker while wearing women's lingerie. She piled in on him, calling him a sissy and telling him he may...
TASK - Touch A Real Man
Paris Model January 16, 2022
OMG This is a humiliating one that will test the very limits of your masculinity! Goddess Paris wants to see how much power she has over your little worm so the task she sets you is to hire a male escort! She wants him to have a nice big cock so when you both strip off you can clearly see how inadequate...