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Models / Red

Avg Rating: 4.6

Red Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  December 9, 2005

Ultra naughty uber-MILF Red has been shooting fetish films for years. A veteran of the British adult scene, she has a natural controlling nature and likes nothing more than to strip and humiliate guys for her pleasure - not theirs!

Red has made numerous appearances on Television X, Adult Channel, Playboy TV in the UKaswell as over 100 professional film releases.
Red Updates

Robbed Of His Manhood
Annabelle, Red March 4, 2021
Red and Ann have been burgled but when the police arrives they have calmed down and seem more interested in his truncheon than their stolen items. They ask him if he has a big truncheon and when he says no they wonder what would have happened if the burglar had still been in the house. Ann wants to know...
Jobs A Good 'Un
Annabelle, Red December 17, 2020
Ron has answered an advert in the newspaper for a male model but when he arrives he is interviewed by two women for a condom advert! They ask him lots of questions about his penis and eventually persuade them to show it to them. As he undoes his trousers and lets them peek inside the girls suddenly erupt...
Army Medical
Red, Sasha Rose, Trinity October 22, 2020
When Ron turns up for his medical to get in the army he is surprised that it is being conducted by three women. He didn't realise he was to be doing physical activities so hasn't brought his gym gear but the three women tell him to strip naked ready for the exercises. However, when they yank his underwear...
Small Repair
Amira De Leon, Carol Jeans, Red September 17, 2020
Red's washing machine has broken and when the engineer quotes her 250 pounds to fix it she says she doesn't have the money. Her two friends Sally and Samara say they are sure that they can come to an arrangement - after all they are women of the world and he must have a man's needs. They start stripping...
I Need My Glasses
Red September 13, 2020
You have met beautiful mature lady "Red" in the hotel bar and now you are in her room she can't wait to see the cock she will be fucking. But when you drop your trousers and she sees the little worm between your legs she bursts out laughing and puts her glasses on to try and see it better! She then humiliates...
Little Chef
Annabelle, Red August 23, 2020
Two waitresses are getting pushed around by an egotistical chef and soon have enough and accuse him of having "small cock syndrome". He denies it and claims he has a huge dick but the girls aren't so sure and start poking the front of his trousers. He tells them to stop but they do the opposite and pull...
Phone Jacker
Red, Sasha Rose, Trinity August 16, 2020
Sasha has called in an engineer because her telephone isn't working. He says he can't fix it until he returns the following day with some parts, but he still asks for his call-out fee. The three girls are less than impressed and tell him they can work something out but when they sit him down and start...
Grovel Little Worm
Red July 12, 2020
Dominant mature lady Red is back to humiliate your pathetic dick. She stands above your face and looks down on you, her see through panties showing you what a small penis loser like you will never have - her cunt! "You pathetic little man!" she laughs as she demonstrates how your cock would get lost...
Flab Fighters
Amira De Leon, Carol Jeans, Red May 28, 2020
Three women have turned up for a weight loss class but when the teacher arrives they see he is much fatter than any of them. They find it difficult to take him seriously but when he says he isn't just big round his belly, he is big "down below" as well, the girls decide to find out. They strip him off...
Fireman's Little Hose
Amira De Leon, Carol Jeans, Red April 2, 2020
Sally is having a meeting with two colleagues when they are interrupted by a local fireman coming in to check their extinguisher. He says it is unsatisfactory and needs sorting out but then makes a few cocky jokes which makes the women wonder what he has to be so confident about. They wonder if it is...
Chinese Delivery
Red, Sasha Rose, Trinity March 22, 2020
Three girls have been waiting for a Chinese take away delivery for ages. When the guy finally turns up he has brought the wrong order and they are furious. The angry girls start abusing him saying that all Chinese men have tiny cocks. They start stripping him against his will and as they pull his underwear...
Bath Surprise
Lucy Love, Red February 2, 2020
Housekeeping manager Red is showing Lucy the ropes on her first day when they come to Andy's room. He is about to take a bath but they carry on around him - until Lucy spots how tiny his cock is! She cries out on shock and Red comes rushing over to apologize to the hotel guest. But when she sees how...