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Models / Annabelle

Avg Rating: 3.8

Annabelle Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Hot MILF
Date Joined:  April 19, 2009

Beautiful MILF Annabelle had done some amateur modelling in the past but her visit to Hey Little Dick was her first professional porn shoot.
The 31-year-old with mousey brown hair and big natural D cup tits took to it like a natural but her porn career was sadly quite short and she retired within a year.
Annabelle Updates

Robbed Of His Manhood
Annabelle, Red March 4, 2021
Red and Ann have been burgled but when the police arrives they have calmed down and seem more interested in his truncheon than their stolen items. They ask him if he has a big truncheon and when he says no they wonder what would have happened if the burglar had still been in the house. Ann wants to know...
Jobs A Good 'Un
Annabelle, Red December 17, 2020
Ron has answered an advert in the newspaper for a male model but when he arrives he is interviewed by two women for a condom advert! They ask him lots of questions about his penis and eventually persuade them to show it to them. As he undoes his trousers and lets them peek inside the girls suddenly erupt...
Little Chef
Annabelle, Red August 23, 2020
Two waitresses are getting pushed around by an egotistical chef and soon have enough and accuse him of having "small cock syndrome". He denies it and claims he has a huge dick but the girls aren't so sure and start poking the front of his trousers. He tells them to stop but they do the opposite and pull...