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Models / Mistress Karina

Avg Rating: 5.0

Mistress Karina Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Slim
Best Feature:  Dominant Mistress
Date Joined:  18 December 2022
Twitter:  @MistressKarina

Mistress Karina cuts an intimidating figure standing at 6"2 in her heels. Usually seen in PVC or leather, she makes her living as a professional dominatrix and content creator.
Her content concentrates on male misery and includes pegging, humiliation, ballbusting, facesitting and any other way she can exert her control over weak men.
"My favourite thing is getting a straight guy to cum in his own mouth and swallow it," laughs the 26-year-old domme.
Mistress Karina Updates

Caged Comparison
Mistress Karina June 9, 2024
Karina has locked a small dick loser in a chastity cage and then humiliates him even further by bringing in a big dick stud to compare their penises. The poor simp has to stand there and take her verbal teasing as she grabs the big thick alpha cock and uses a tape measure to record its 9 inches. She...
Slave Zone
Mistress Karina April 9, 2023
Karina and you have been friends for years but when you ask her to put in a good word with one of her friends she insists on checking that your cock is big enough first. You drop your pants and she bursts out laughing when she sees your little maggot cock. She humiliates you and wonders if you've ever...
Karina's Dick Ratings
Mistress Karina February 5, 2023
Mistress Karina is the queen of humiliation. She likes nothing more than pegging a slave or ballbusting a beta bitch. So when we asked her to rate some small penises she was only too happy to oblige. The Slavic princess goes all in on the unfortunate guy whose penis is on screen. She calls him pathetic...
TASK - Get Your Dick Rated
Mistress Karina December 18, 2022
It's task time again and evil bitch Mistress Karina wants you to hear how pathetic your little worm really is. She wants you to hire a girl to rate your penis. Not some nice girl who will compliment you because you're paying her! Oh no, you have to hire a mean girl who will be 100% honest about what...