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Models / Missy K

Avg Rating: 5.0

Missy K Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  21 May 2023
Twitter:  @missyklondon

Missy K is one half of a famous pornstar couple so she is used to a guy with a big dick.
She shoots little dick content because it makes her laugh that some women have to settle for such inadequate penises!
Her husband has a 9 inch thick cock and she wouldn't accept anything less.
The real life MILF is an ex glamour model and has also worked on the TV chat channels in the UK.
Missy K Updates

A Deal With Your Ex
Missy K December 31, 2023
Missy was looking forward to a night of passion when your ex girlfriend sends her photos of your tiny cock and tells her not to waste her time. She is furious when you arrive and can't believe your audacity, coming round knowing you have a tiny penis. She says you are a joke of a man and calls you a...
Caged 3 Way
Missy K October 22, 2023
Missy saw how much you enjoyed it when she fucked her swinger friends a few weeks ago. Tonight she is going to have a threesome . . but you won't be involved! No, you are going to have your tiny dick locked in a cock cage while she fucks Jamal and his brother. She'd love to fuck you, but as you're a...
Corner Fist Pumper
Missy K July 30, 2023
Missy is horrified to see you. She is cooking dinner ready for a swinging couple to come round and fuck her all night. The last thing she wants is her faggot loser boyfriend and his baby cock ruining it! She compares your baby cock to the button mushroom she is cooking with, then compares a massive pepper...
Nipple Dick
Missy K May 21, 2023
Missy K is excited about seeing your penis for the first time. But when you drop your trousers, her reaction is less than favourable. She looks appalled and asks if you forgot to bring your penis with you! She then humiliates you, calling you a "pussy faggot loser" and guessing that you must be a pathetic...