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Models / Mila Amora

Avg Rating: 4.2

Mila Amora Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Stunning Looks
Date Joined:  26 September 2018
Twitter:  @milaxxxvip

Gorgeous raven-haired beauty Mila Amora is a babe channel present working on late night TV.
She also glamour models and has been doing so since being spotted by a talent scout when just 18 years old.
Now 28, the leggy bombshell turns male heads everywhere she goes and says she loves talking dirty!
Mila Amora Updates

Not So Cocky
Mila Amora, Roxxy Lea May 12, 2024
Mila and Roxxy are chatting about going to the gym to pick up some hunky guys with big dicks. Joe overhears them and informs them know that large muscles doesn't mean a large cock. The girls ask how he would know and point at his own lack of a bulge. They tease him about being inadequate until he tries...
Sissy Dress Up
Mila Amora January 21, 2024
Mistress Mila is moving onto the next stage in training her tiny dick loser into become a sissy slut. Today is dress up day and she's bought loads of outfits for him to try on. First, she starts by giving him a new sissy name - Dani! Then she hands him a suspender belt and some stockings and tells him...
Eating Her Bull's Cum
Mila Amora November 26, 2023
Mila has a cuckold bitch who gets off on hearing her fucking her alpha stud in the next door room. After one particularly loud sex session, she walks in half naked carrying a very full condom! She orders her submissive slut to open his mouth as he is going to drink her bull's cum. To make it even more...
Caged Teacher
Mila Amora October 1, 2023
Mila is in detention when she hears a strange clanging noise from the teacher's trousers. He claims he has coins in his pocket but she smacks the front of his trousers and it makes a metallic sound. She orders him to drop his trousers or she will start a rumour about him. He reluctantly agrees and her...
My Exes Were Bigger
Mila Amora March 17, 2022
Mila got very tipsy the other night and ended up in bed with you but she can't get the sight of your tiny cock out of her mind. She knows you want to fuck her again but now she is sober there is no way that is happening. She explains how all her exes are WAY bigger than you. She fucks big alpha cocks,...
Sissy Name
Mila Amora February 3, 2022
Mila loves locking your tiny cock in a cage. She finds it hilarious and so do all her girlfriends. But now she wants to go further. She wants to turn you into a real sissy boy. She has bought you some amazing heels, a miniskirt and some frilly panties and she has invited all her friends round for a "naming...
Fuck Other Men
Mila Amora December 23, 2021
Mila has had enough of your tiny dick and needs more sexual satisfaction. She tells you enough is enough, if you want to keep her you have to accept she is going to fuck other men. If you're lucky she will let you watch as she pounds all those monster cocks. She grabs a massive black dick-shaped dildo...
Mila's Dick Ratings
Mila Amora November 7, 2021
It had to happen - we had to let the queen of mistresses Mila Amora do a dick rating video. We pitied the poor guys as we sent their dick pics off to her and she didn't disappoint! Mila is mean and bitchy about their poor little willies. The first guy is wearing a pink cock cage which she has a field...
Findom Bitch
Mila Amora October 21, 2021
Pay up or get shown up loser! Stunning Mila tricked you into sending her pictures of your cock and now she is going to use them to get what she wants - money! She is going to show everyone you know the photos of your tiny cock unless you buy her lots of expensive handbags and shoes. Part of her hopes...
TASK - Nappy For Baby Dick!
Mila Amora September 26, 2021
Goddess Mila Amora thinks your dick must have stopped growing when you were still a baby - which gave her an idea for this week's humiliating task! She wants your baby dick to be where it belongs - in a nappy! So your task is to go and buy an adult diaper and wear it all day. You're not man enough to...
Release Day
Mila Amora August 26, 2021
Goddess Mila keeps your little worm locked up in a chastity cage all month. Today is your release day where she unlocks you for 5 minutes and allows you to empty the filthy mess from your tiny balls. She shows off the key to tease you and then unlocks you, holding the small black cage while you jack...
Watch And Weep
Mila Amora July 15, 2021
You arrive at Mila's house to help her shoot content but are shocked to find what she has in store. When she sees how small your cock is, any chance of fucking her goes right out the window. Instead she reaches for her strapon and explains how she is going to peg you on camera. She also grabs a cock...
Smile Maggot
Mila Amora May 13, 2021
Mila is fed up with her personal trainer ogling her during their sessions. She can tell he has a tiny dick and sometimes sees it making a tiny tent in his shorts. She tells all her friends about how tiny her trainer's cock is and she teases you about it. She says you can jerk off in front of her providing...
Tic Tac Cunt
Mila Amora April 22, 2021
Stunning goddess Mila really goes to town in this small penis humiliation clip. She nicknames you "tic tac dick" because it's so tiny and says she is going to tell all her friends about your little problem. She calls you a useless loser cunt and laughs at your pathetic attempt to wank yourself with two...
Battery Dick
Mila Amora March 18, 2021
Mila hates having a tiny dick loser like you as a step brother. She has run out of batteries for her rabbit and laughs that your pathetic cock isn't even as big as the battery! She threatens to tell all her girlfriends about how small your cock is and get them to tease you until you cry. She nicknames...