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Models / Lou Lou Petite

Avg Rating: 5.0

Lou Lou Petite Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Huge Tits For Her Small Size
Date Joined:  6th May 2021
Twitter:  @LouLouPetite

Pint sized Lou Lou stands just 5"1 but is a real pocket rocket with her G cup tits! She has been shooting porn for nearly 10 years and is now in the MILF category.
Her slim 32-26-28 figure is toned from hours in the gym and she has also worked as a stripper and TV chat channel girl.
Lou Lou Petite Updates

Lost Bet Humiliation
Lou Lou Petite December 9, 2021
You lost the bet so now it's time to pay up - and show Lou Lou your penis. She is really excited . . until you drop your pants and she stares wide eyed in shock at your tiny dick. She then bursts out laughing and starts humiliating you, saying her cigarette and her little finger are bigger than your...

Group Chat Shaming
Lou Lou Petite August 19, 2021
Lou Lou is on a group chat when she first looks at a tiny cock picture on screen. She tells her girlfriends how small the dick is and then realizes she has actually clicked on webcam and is viewing your dick live! She crucifies you for your lack of size and sends photos of your small manhood to the whole...

Bathroom Interruption
Lou Lou Petite June 10, 2021
When Lou Lou accidentally bursts in on you having a pee, she is shocked by how tiny your dick is. She runs and gets her phone and starts taking pictures to show her friends. She then video calls her friend Chelsea and shows her your tiny wiener as well! Lou gets her huge tits out and tells you to jerk...

Peanut Penis
Lou Lou Petite May 6, 2021
Pornstar Lou Lou is shocked when you show her your penis. She is used to big dicks and thinks yours is the tiniest she has ever seen. She even rings the Guinness World Records to see if you can have a certificate for World's Smallest Penis! She humiliates you, saying your cock looks like a peanut and...