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Models / Liz Rainbow

Avg Rating: 5.0

Liz Rainbow Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Hispanic
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Performer
Date Joined:  2 June 2017
Twitter:  @liz__rainbow

Spanish pornstar was on a "working holiday" in England when she was hired by one of our amateur contributors to do a CFNM scene.
The 22-year-old raven haired sexpot certainly loves her work and couldn't wait to get him naked and his cock in her mouth.
The leggy 5"6 babe with a raunchy 33-34-35 figure also has lovely pert B cup natural breasts.
Liz Rainbow Updates

Live As A Girl
Liz Rainbow June 18, 2023
Liz has decided that because you have such a tiny cock you are not a real man. In fact, you should live your life like a girl, dressing in bra, panties, a dress and heels! She calls you a sissy faggot and says you will get much more sex if you pretend to be a girl. She laughs when you say you aren't...
Cheer Her Up
Liz Rainbow April 23, 2023
Liz explains that her friend Emma is coming round tonight. Her boyfriend just dumped her so she hates men and Liz is going to use you to cheer her up. You have to go to her house, strip naked and let them both laugh at what a loser you are all night. Emma can do anything she wants to you – smack your...
Proof Needed
Liz Rainbow March 12, 2023
Liz has told her girlfriends all about your tiny penis. They don't believe anyone can have a dick that small so they have asked for proof. So Liz tells you to drop your pants and let her take some photos. She laughs her head off as she photographs your baby cock. "Oh, the girls are gonna love these!"...
Tinder Waster
Liz Rainbow January 29, 2023
Liz has been chatting to a guy on Tinder and they are video chatting for the first time. She tells him she has one concern - a photo on his profile of him in "budgie smugglers" on a beach and it didn't look like he had much of a bulge. When he goes red, Liz realizes he has a tiny cock and orders him...