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Models / Lily Roberts

Avg Rating: 5.0

Lily Roberts Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Newcomer
Date Joined:  13 February 2022
Twitter:  @lilzrobertsx

Lily Roberts is a 20-year-old content creator and webcam girl who contacted Little Dick Club to ask if she could humiliate some tiny cock losers. It turns out degrading betas is one of her favorite things to do!
The raven haired babe from the midlands of England is into the goth scene and loves burlesque. She also goes to the gym regularly to keep her figure toned and tight.
She has natural C cup tits and is into cosplay in her spare time.
Lily Roberts Updates

Ordered To Show
Lily Roberts, Rebecca Leah August 4, 2022
Rebeccca has been telling all the girls about your tiny penis. They are all with alpha males so haven't seen a pathetic loser cock like yours before. So Becca invites her friend Lily round to see your worthless maggot in the flesh. She's not going near it of course, they just want to laugh at it . ....
Rebecca and Lily's Dick Ratings
Lily Roberts, Rebecca Leah June 19, 2022
What's worse than having a beautiful girl rating your tiny penis? Easy . . having TWO girls rating your tiny penis! Rebecca and Lily pull no punches as they lay into two unfortunate guys and their little worms. Dominant posh girl Rebecca tells them they aren't real men and are worthless losers, while...
Craving Rejection
Lily Roberts April 28, 2022
Lily can't believe you have the guts to try it on with her. She is WAY out of your league and only dates big dick alpha studs, not little beta boys like you! In fact she thinks you wanted her to reject you and that it is the humiliation of having a pretty girl laugh at you that you like. She orders you...
TASK - Confess In A Bar
Lily Roberts, Rebecca Leah April 10, 2022
Task time and this week Rebecca Leah and her side kick Lily Roberts want to humiliate you in front of a group of girls in public! They want you to go to a busy bar and wait for a group of young girls to order some drinks. You are going to pay for them and when the girls ask why you would do such a thing,...
Lily's Dick Ratings
Lily Roberts March 27, 2022
Lily Roberts is our rating goddess this week but don't let her cute girl next door looks fool you - she is brutal in her destruction of the tiny penises we sent her! First up was Kevin from Washington who was humiliated for having a pink ribbon round his dick. Lily tells him he will sissify him and make...
TASK - Instant Feedback
Lily Roberts February 13, 2022
Brand new, young and bratty, Lily wants to humiliate all the older men out there with tiny cocks. Her task involves you showing your dick to a female, getting her to take a photo of it and send it to all her friends, asking for their instant feedback on the dick pic. She laughs as she assumes you will...