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Models / Krystal Niles

Avg Rating: 4.7

Krystal Niles Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  December 22, 2009

23-year-old Welsh lass Krystal is a published glamour model that has worked for a whole host of magazines and websites including Playboy.

Her gorgeous blonde hair and 34C-28-32 figure have kept her busy with work ever since she joined the industry in 2008.

The 5"6 Cardiff-born girl is also a trained pole dancer and has also worked on the late night adult phone sexy channels in the UK.
Krystal Niles Updates

Unflattering Comparison
Krystal Niles, Tanya Cox January 31, 2021
Tanya is chatting to her friend Krystal about how she has never seen a small penis in real life. Apparently Krystal's boyfriend is really small and she agrees to show Tanya when he comes back from the shops. As he walks in, the two girls ambush him and force him to reluctantly strip off in front of them....
The Ex-Boyfriend
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles January 14, 2021
Two girls are at home chatting about a new boyfriend. Emma asks how big his cock and Krystal brags that her new man is huge. When Emma says she can't wait to meet him Krystal pretends he has gone out of town and she won't get to meet him - just as he walks in! Emma confronts him about his penis size...
Paint Stripper
Donna Derriere, Krystal Niles December 24, 2020
Decorator Damian has a lot of work to do stripping the paint off the walls, when he is interrupted by the two girls of the house. They have been discussing whether he has a big cock or not and they want him to tell them the answer - or show them! He tries to carry on working but the girls grab the front...
Search Warrant
Donna Derriere, Krystal Niles October 11, 2020
It's Krystal's birthday and her friend Donna has arranged for a male stripper to drop by and entertain them. Krystal is hoping for a muscley well-endowed guy but when he turns up and starts undressing she is very disappointed and says her little brother has bigger muscles. The guy still strips off and...
Krystal Niles, Tanya Cox September 3, 2020
After an office party Krystal, Tanya and Ron have gone back for a nightcap. During their chatting the girls ask Ron why one of the other girls is spreading rumours that he has a small cock. Ron admits he had sex with the girl but says they were very drunk so she must have been mistaken about his size....
Music Lover
Donna Derriere, Krystal Niles August 2, 2020
Simon is trying to give a piano lesson but the girls seem distracted and haven't been practising their scales since the last class. They are suddenly more interested in the bulge in his trousers than the piano and they ask him if his cock is as big as his tie. The teacher is taken aback but the girl...
Freaks And Geeks
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton July 23, 2020
Three girls go to the bar to play pool but after putting their money in they realise the table is slanted. They ask for their money back but the bar manager refuses, saying that for such pretty girls he has something in his pants for them instead. They are tired of men bragging about the size of their...
Down To His Smalls
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton June 11, 2020
Reg has always liked the feel of girls panties so he sneaks into the girls bedroom and puts on a bra and pair of knickers. Unfortunately for him, Syren, Axa and Krystal walk in and catch him. They are shocked and call him a pervert while laughing at how silly he looks. They can't understand why a man...
Beauty And The Beast
Axa Jay, Krystal Niles, Syren Sexton April 26, 2020
Krystal has been out on a date with "big Bob" but when they get back to her place and she strips off ready for sex, he wants her to turn the lights out. She refuses and as he strips off she sees how fat he is and that his tits are bigger than hers! Even worse is when he strips down and she sees his cock...
Decorator's Small Brush
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles January 19, 2020
When council workers Emma and Krystal pay a visit to Jon's house to see why there has been so much banging noise recently, they find him decorating. He is cheeky to them and the girls decide to put him in his place. At over 6 foot Emma towers over the tiny man and when Krystal notices what small hands...
It Works
Krystal Niles, Tanya Cox December 26, 2019
Tanya is relaxing at home with her boyfriend Dave when he asks her how he compares to her other lovers. His cock is really small but to save his feelings she tells him he is great. Unfortunately this gets him all horny and he starts eating her pussy. She is so bored by his crap skills that she checks...
Fat Bastard
Emma Butt, Krystal Niles December 8, 2019
Emma and Krystal come home to find their friend Rebecca's new boyfriend in the bath. They start interrogating him about Rebecca's claims that he was well hung. They comment on how fat he is and that he looks like the character Fat Bastard out of the Austin Powers films - and he had a tiny dick! The poor...