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Models / Kendall Kay

Avg Rating: 5.0

Kendall Kay Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Perfect Ass
Date Joined:  31 March 2021
Twitter:  @itskendallkayx

Sexy brunette Kendall is a cam girl and tv chat model from London.
The 21-year-old is bi-sexual and is as happy with a pussy on her face as a cock in her mouth!
She has pert C cup all natural tits and is 5"6 without heels.
Kendall Kay Updates

Size Is Everything
Kendall Kay September 24, 2023
Don't ever try to convince Kendall that size doesn't matter. Wearing just a towel, she goes into a long rant about why big dicks are so much better than small ones. She opens the towel and shows her perfect gym-toned body off, while explaining that this is what real men with big cocks get. "I can't stand...
Fruit Fucker
Kendall Kay July 2, 2023
After taking a video of you jerking your tiny cock and showing it to her girlfriends, Kendall thinks she can get you to do anything. So she strips down to her lingerie and tells you to go and get some fruit from your kitchen. You return with a melon and she tells you to cut a hole in it and then stick...
Video Evidence
Kendall Kay May 7, 2023
Oh dear! Kendall has told all her girlfriends about your tiny penis! They laughed their heads off but then didn't believe that it could be that small. So they asked Kendall to get some pics of your baby dick and maybe even a video of you jerking off with your two fingers. You don't want to but when a...
You're No Alpha
Kendall Kay February 12, 2023
You make the mistake of trying to chat up the beautiful and classy Kendall. She tells you she only dates big dick guys and that you look like you have small penis written all over you. When you deny it she orders you to drop your pants so she can check. When she sees your tiny pecker she bursts out laughing...
50 Quid Shock
Kendall Kay August 22, 2021
A guy offers Kendall 50 quid if he can show her his dick. She accepts, thinking he must have a big one but when he drops his trousers she is shocked by how small his penis is! She bursts out laughing and calls him a little dick wanker. He starts jerking off, turned on by her calling him bitch boy. She...