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Models / Kaicee Marie

Avg Rating: 4.3

Kaicee Marie Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  December 2, 2008

23-year-old Kaicee is a bubbly west country girl from Wiltshire. A full time glamour model, she has only been modelling for about six months but is a natural.

Standing at 5"3 she has ample 36C breasts and a curvy figure and is certainly not shy!

"It was great fun taking the piss out of all these naked guys and doing what I wanted with them," she laughed after the shoot. She has already requested to come back again.
Kaicee Marie Updates

Tied and Teased
Kaicee Marie, Laura Michaels February 7, 2021
Kaicee and Laura sneak into Dave's room and tie him to the bed so they can interrogate him. They heard his last girlfriend dumped him because his cock was so small and they want to see it. Dave claims his cock is 7 inches but when the girls pulls his trousers down they laugh their heads off and say it's...
Flaccid Mate
Kaicee Marie, Laura Michaels December 3, 2020
When Laura comes home she finds flat mate Tony wanking over Kaicee while she is asleep in bed. Kaicee is horrified when she wakes up and the two girls use his own belt to tie him to the bed so they can investigate his puny little dick. Their anger turns to laughter as they see how small his cock is....
Strip Poker
Kaicee Marie, Katie Raymond November 15, 2020
When Kaicee suggest a game of strip poker, Graham jumps at the chance thinking he is going to win and see both the girls naked. Unfortunately the cards go against him and, although the girls take a few items off, he is soon down to just his underwear. He loses again and when he pulls his pants down the...
Santa's Sack
Kaicee Marie, Laura Michaels May 21, 2020
Duncan dresses up as Santa Claus to impress his girlfriend but she is really disappointed at the tiny present he gives her. She says she is fed up of small packages and was hoping for something big this Christmas. Her friend Laura realises what she is talking about and asks to see it so Kaicee drops...
Spam E-mails
Kaicee Marie, Katie Raymond January 12, 2020
Office workers Kate and Kaicee catch a male colleague reading an e-mail about penis enlargement pills. He insists they aren't for him and he was just researching it for a friend but they then find he has written the phone number down so he can ring it later. The girls tell him not to worry and that he...
Black Audition
Kaicee Marie, Katie Raymond January 5, 2020
Jon has come for an audition to be in a porn film. Because he is black, Kaicee and Kate are all excited because they are expecting a really big cock. They chat for a few minutes and then tell him to show them the goods. As he strips off, they look confused that they can't see much of a bulge in his underwear....