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Models / Jordan Price

Avg Rating: 5.0

Jordan Price Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  20 October 2022
Twitter:  @Jordan_Pricexxx

Manchester glamour model Jordan has the classic hour glass figure of big tits and curvy waistline.
The 24-year-old has huge 34DD enhanced tits and likes nothing more than making cocks disappear between them.
The filthy talking 5"5 MILF considers herself a blowjob queen and says she particularly likes her hair being used as handlebars as a guy face fucks her!
Jordan Price Updates

Why Size Matters
Jordan Price January 26, 2023
"It's not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean, right?" Total bullshit, says Jordan! She is a size queen and there is no way she is accepting a small cock. She discusses all the reasons why big dicks are better than small ones. She tells you how it feels when a big cock enters her mouth,...
Dildo Comparison
Jordan Price December 15, 2022
Jordan is so bored of your tiny cock that she is insisting you get penis enlargement surgery or she is leaving you! She grabs a big dildo and strokes and carresses it, telling you that this is the size you need to get your cock to if you want to stay with her. She puts it in her mouth, something she...
Cuckold Corner
Jordan Price November 24, 2022
She threatened to do it . . and now she has. Jordan has cheated on you and your little dick and now she wants more. Even worse, she wants you to sit in the corner and watch, jerking off your tiny cock as she gets ruined by big dicks. To make it more humiliating she has decided to start with your best...
Triple Cuckold Tease
Jordan Price October 20, 2022
Your girlfriend Jordan just met three well built guys and told them what a small dick loser you are. They laughed and then asked her if she wanted to see their big dicks. Not only did she take a look, she tells you how she sucked and fucked all three of them, taking them in all three of her holes while...