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Models / Honey Hera

Avg Rating: 5.0

Honey Hera Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Busty and Toned
Best Feature:  Gorgeous Newcomer
Date Joined:  27 August 2021
Twitter:  @hera_honey

Every now and then a new girl comes on the scene and you just know she is destined to be a big star. Such is the case with stunning new girl Honey Hera who was on her first ever porn shoot when she visited the PureCFNM studio.
The beautiful 26 year old blonde from the midlands of England has a flawless body that she keeps toned at the gym. She has enhanced breasts but they are a proportional C cup and look amazing.
She is a swinger in her private life and was encouraged to get into the adult industry by her boyfriend who loves watching her with other men!
Honey Hera Updates

Little Boy Juice
Honey Hera August 6, 2023
Honey can't work out why her good looking male friend is still a virgin. When she asks him, he confides in her that his penis isn't very big so no girl is interested. She tells him not to be so silly and insists he drops his trousers and shows her. But when he does reveal his button cock she bursts out...
Tiny Therapy
Honey Hera January 22, 2023
Joe has gone to see a therapist to talk about his marital problems. He can't understand why his wife wants to start sleeping with other men. The stunning blonde doctor has an idea and asks him if he has a small cock. He says no but she insists on him showing her. When he drops his pants she bursts out...
Sir's Little Surprise
Honey Hera July 24, 2022
Honey is convinced her teacher has a big cock because of the sheer size of him! She stays after class and seduces him, showing off her big tits and skimpy panties to encourage him to drop his trousers. But when he does, her eyes widen in shock and then she bursts out laughing! He has the smallest cock...
Dream Girl Cuckold
Honey Hera March 20, 2022
Fat loser Derek is always trying to win Honey over, so she decides to show him once and for all why she will never date him. She calls in her big dick lover Danny to show him what a real man looks like. The two guys strip off and the laughing begins as Derek's one inch wonder is compared to the 8 inch...
Sock Shock
Honey Hera February 6, 2022
Stunning blonde Honey notices a huge bulge in the front of her flatmate's trousers as he is about to go out. She loves big dick so she decides to see how big his cock is and yanks down his pants. She is shocked when three socks fall out and all she sees is a tiny little dick. After she stops laughing...