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Models / Gracie Love

Avg Rating: 5.0

Gracie Love Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Posh voice
Date Joined:  23 July 2023
Twitter:  @GracieuxLove

Well spoken girl next door Gracie is a 24-year-old glamour model and webcam girl from the suburbs of London.
The sexy blonde led a sheltered life in her private school but as soon as she became of age, she stretched her wings and explored the adult industry, turning her back on the chance to study law at university!
She has pert C cup all natural tits and is 5"5.
Gracie Love Updates

Small Dick Energy
Gracie Love November 5, 2023
Gorgeous girls like Gracie can just tell when a guy has a tiny penis. She takes one look at you and senses "small dick energy". It's written all over you. She laughs at you and then decides she wants to see it. All her boyfriends have had big dicks and she's never seen a tiny dick in real life. She persuades...
Gracie's Dick Ratings
Gracie Love July 23, 2023
Posh English lady Gracie is shocked at the two tiny penises we sent her to rate. She pulls up Dave's photos and is shocked to see him wearing women's panties. When she then sees his tiny maggot dick she understands why. She holds her fingers against the photos, telling him her thumbnail is bigger than...
TASK - Security Check
Gracie Love April 30, 2023
Gracie has a real life embarrassing task for you today. She wants you to pack a bag with lots of embarrassing items like women's underwear, a cock cage, lube and a dildo. Then she wants you to put a huge bottle of shampoo in there as well and try to go through security at an airport. You'll be stopped...