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Models / Dacey Harlot

Avg Rating: 5.0

Dacey Harlot Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Great actress
Date Joined:  30 March 2021
Twitter:  @DaceyHarlotXXX

Dacey is a 25-year-old pornstar from Florida, USA. She has been in the business for 3 years since being recruited when she was a stripper.
Standing a petite 5"1 and with a sexy 32-24-34 figure, she has all natural A cup tits.
She also has a dominant personality and is a self confessed big dick lover who loves to belittle guys who can't measure up!
Dacey Harlot Updates

Made To Watch
Dacey Harlot July 8, 2021
Dacey has told her friends what a tiny dick loser you are and they suggested she shows you what a real penis looks like. So she has invited Leroy over tonight and she is going to compare your two dicks side by side - his monster python and your baby dick. She is then going to suck his cock inches from...

Diaper Boy
Dacey Harlot May 20, 2021
Now Dacey knows what a baby dick you have, she has decided to dress you like a baby - literally! She has bought you some adult diapers and laughs her head off as she orders you to put them on over your baby pee pee. She takes photos to show her friends then notices you're still wearing the cock cage...

Babysitting Bitch
Dacey Harlot April 1, 2021
Dacey has been babysitting for you but when you get home she has an embarrassing question for you. When she changed his diaper she saw his little willy - but it was even smaller than normal and she is wondering if it's hereditary. She then tells by your face that you have a small cock too and orders...