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Models / Chessie Kay

Avg Rating: 4.7

Chessie Kay Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  March 26, 2013

Chessie Kay is a newcomer to the world of porn and spends most of her time as a TV chat channel babe.

The 22-year-old glamour model has a naughty side though and likes nothing better than a big cock in her mouth!

The Surrey-based sexpot looks innocent and sweet until she sees a cock - a combination that is bound to have her appearing on PureCFNM on numerous occasions over the coming years!
Chessie Kay Updates

Who's Got The Biggest?
Brooklyn Blue, Carla Mai, Chessie Kay March 7, 2021
Two guys have just finished playing squash but as they shower afterwards, three girls sneak in and want to find out which of them has the biggest cock.When the girls offer to wank off the biggest guy, Kai whips off his towel to display a massive dick! But when Andy drops his towel the girls howl in shock...
Join The Club
Chessie Kay February 21, 2021
Your tiny dick really amuses gorgeous Chessie - but it certainly doesn't satisfy her. She is off out in a minute to pick up several guys so she can fuck them all. But before she goes she wants to humiliate you some more. She laughs at your pathetic excuse for a penis and says you should join the "little...
Photo Deal
Brooklyn Blue, Carla Mai, Chessie Kay July 30, 2020
Andy is horrified that the girls have pictures of his tiny cock so he visits them at home to try and get them deleted. The girls offer to delete them on the condition that he strips naked and gives them another look at his miniscule penis. When he drops his trousers they burst out laughing again saying...
Pathetic Little Cock
Chessie Kay February 6, 2020
When a girl as beautiful as Chessie King opens with the line "is that your dick?" and then bursts out laughing, you know you're in trouble! Chessie proceeds to humiliate you about your "pathetic little cock" while telling you how she normally likes to fuck black men with massive dicks. She says she wouldn't...
Cuckolding Her Boyfriend
Chessie Kay January 9, 2020
Gorgeous Chessie has had enough of dating a small dick loser like you. Last night she put on a tiny dress and pulled a guy with a big cock and fucked his brains out. Now she brings him out to show you how much bigger he is than you and to humiliate you. "You've never given me an orgasm but this guy was...