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Models / Angelina James

Avg Rating: 4.0

Angelina James Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  November 2, 2008

23-year-old Angelina James is a glamour and events model from Florida who had a very brief foray into the world of porn.
Her shoot for Hey Little Dick was one of the few adult shoots she ever did which is a shame because she has such a gorgeous body.
Angelina James Updates

Pool Boy
Angelina James, Nikki Sexton November 19, 2020
Nikki and Angelina are working on their suntans when they spot the very attractive poolboy. They call him over and say they bet he has a really big dick to go with his sexy body. But when they undo his trousers and peek inside they are very disappointed. They can't believe this cute guy has such a tiny...
Fit Step Brother
Angelina James, Nikki Sexton June 7, 2020
Angelina has a crush on Nikki's step brother so they sneak to his room but catch him having a wank! He quickly covers himself up but Angelina thinks it is wonderful and tells him not to be so shy - she really wants to see his dick. Nikki isn't so sure she wants to see it but when Angelina pulls his cock...
Wrong Order
Angelina James, Nikki Sexton January 26, 2020
Angelina and Nikki have been waiting ages for their pizza but when it finally arrives it is the wrong size - they ordered a large and this is a small. The pizza guy tries to get them to pay for it anyway which annoys the girls and they decide to show him the difference between small and large. They feel...