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Models / Amber Green

Avg Rating: 5.0

Amber Green Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim and Toned
Best Feature:  Classy and Feminine
Date Joined:  30 September 2020
Twitter:  @ambercoenxx

21-year-old Amber is a stunning new cam model and TV chat channel girl from the south coast of England.
The natural redhead has a flawless body which is all natural with pert B cup tits.
She is a gym regular which explains her toned ass and tight stomach.
Amber Green Updates

Compete To Fuck
Amber Green November 27, 2022
Amber is feeling horny and wanders into the male locker room at the sports club. She finds two guys and offers to fuck the one with the biggest dick! They both drop their towels and she bursts out laughing at the difference! On the left is a tiny white dicklet and on the right is a big black python cock....
Man Clit Gets No Fun
Amber Green October 28, 2021
After seeing how small your penis is, Amber has decided to do all women a favour and lock you up. She dangles the key in your face and laughs at you, then shows you the metal chastity cage she has selected for you. She has also decided you will be allowed one five-minute release per month so you can...
Gonna Fuck Your Friends
Amber Green June 24, 2021
Beautiful redhead Amber has had enough of your small cock and is going to cuckold you. She is going to fuck all your friends and tell them how tiny your dick is as she does it! She's going to make you watch as a group of well hung black studs stretch her tight pussy. She teases that she might even make...
Size Queens Competition
Amber Green, Chloe Sas May 30, 2021
Size queens Chloe and Amber tell two guys that they will jerk off the one with the biggest dick. The two guys eagerly strip off hoping to win the jackpot. Calvin's big black cock has the girls drooling but Danny's little white dicklet only makes them laugh. As Amber wanks Calvin's big cock, Chloe makes...
Poker Shock
Amber Green May 2, 2021
Amber wins strip poker against her friend Sam and can't wait to see his cock. He is such a big man she assumes he must have a big dick. But when he drops his pants she can't believe how small his penis is! She bursts out laughing and asks where the rest of his cock is. She then humiliates him and gets...