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Models / Shannon Moore

Avg Rating: 5.0

Shannon Moore Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Newcomer
Date Joined:  3 November 2023
Twitter:  @spicyshannon6

Sexy girl next door Shannon is an enthusiastic newcomer to the world of porn but brings with her a special skill - she can squirt on cue!
She gushes like a fountain any time she wants and loves covering guys in her girly juices.
The 24-year-old from the south coast of England also loves taking BBC and is into swinging in her personal life.
Shannon Moore Updates

Exposure Time
Shannon Moore June 16, 2024
Remember how shocked Shannon was when she first saw your tiny penis? Well, she wants to show your pathetic manhood off to the world so she's organizing an "Exposure Party" for you. She's going to get all her hot girlfriends to come round her house and they are going to sit in a circle with you standing...
How To Please
Shannon Moore April 7, 2024
Shannon's male friend has asked for tips on how to please his girlfriend. She is confused and wonders if there is a problem "down below" so she tells him to drop his trousers so she can see what he’s working with. When she sees his tiny pee pee her face moves between laughter and a look of disgust!...
Unsolicited Picture
Shannon Moore February 11, 2024
Shannon is chatting to you on Skype when you send her an unsolicited dick pic for a laugh. You think she will like it but instead she is appalled! She can’t believe you would send a photo of something so small and embarrassing. She orders you to show it to her now or she will tell everyone about your...