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Models / Princess Sam

Avg Rating: 5.0

Princess Sam Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Bubbly Extrovert
Date Joined:  19 November 2023
Twitter:  @princess87x

Big titted Sam is a content creator and webcam girl from the Midlands of England.
Her huge G cup tits get her plenty of male attention but its her cutting vocabulary that makes her so good at humiliation.
In real life the 23-year-old is a size queen and is usually found fucking big black cocks - often more than one at a time too!
Cuckolding is therefore a regular and fun hobby for her.
Princess Sam Updates

Quick Relief
Princess Sam May 5, 2024
It's Chastity Day and you're looking forward to letting your tiny maggot out of its cage for a quick wank before getting locked up again for another month. Princess Sam laughs as she sees your worthless cock flop out of the cage. Better get wanking quickly pindick, Sam isn't going to give you more than...
Grab Your Ankles
Princess Sam March 10, 2024
Princess Sam has a dildo with her today and it's exactly the same size of an alpha male penis. It's much bigger than yours of course and she laughs as she uses two fingers to measure the bell end and compare that to your tiny dick. She informs you that as you're such a pindick sissy loser there is only...
Punch Balls
Princess Sam January 14, 2024
Now Princess Sam has a photo of your tiny dick she is going to make your life hell. She wants you to send her regular gifts or she will make sure every woman you know sees how inadequate your manhood is. In fact, remind her now and drop your pants. Now jerk off while she watches and laughs at you. She...
Watch And Learn
Princess Sam November 19, 2023
You knew this day would come. Your hot girlfriend Sam has decided she can't put up with your tiny dick any longer and is informing you that she needs to fuck other men. She tells you how bad you are in bed and that your small penis never satisfies her. But don't worry, when she fucks these alpha studs...