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Models / Goddess Scarlette

Avg Rating: 5.0

Goddess Scarlette Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Sadistic Mistress
Date Joined:  20 August 2023
Twitter:  @SGScarlette

Scarlette may have the face of an angel but she has the tongue of a devil.
The 24-year-old lesbian likes nothing more than humiliating and degrading men, especially those with tiny penises!
Her private school education means her verbal assaults will leave a grown man crying, while her perfect gym-toned 32-24-32 body and pert, natural C cup tits will leave you gooning for more.
Goddess Scarlette Updates

Ready For The Chop
Goddess Scarlette January 28, 2024
Scarlette thinks that any men with penises smaller than 7 inches shouldn't have a dick at all. She orders you to get your baby cock out and jerk off in front of her. You have 4 minutes to "use it or lose it" as she jokes about knives and other sharp objects. After all, any penis smaller than 7 inches...
Scarlette's Dick Ratings
Goddess Scarlette November 12, 2023
What's the stupidest thing a guy with a small cock could do? Send pictures of his little maggot to a bitchy lesbian like Goddess Scarlette of course! In sexy stockings and a miniskirt the evil queen pulls up photos of two unfortunate "men" and proceeds to annihilate their pathetic excuses for manhood....
Task - Pack Lunch
Goddess Scarlette August 20, 2023
Scarlette is a vindictive lesbian goddess who exists to make your loser life miserable. She has a task for you today and it's going to be disgusting and humiliating - just as you deserve! She wants you to make yourself a sandwich before you go to work. She doesn't care what's in it - other than your...