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Models / Goddess Leona

Avg Rating: 5.0

Goddess Leona Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Leggy
Best Feature:  Intelligent Goddess
Date Joined:  29 October 2023
Twitter:  @goddessxleona

Leona is a very tall mistress from the north of England. She is 5"11 without heels and towers over most men with her stilettos on.
The 24-year-old is a former glamour model who now specializes in producing domination and fetish content.
Her private school education gave her the brains to outwit any man and a sadistic side to her personality means she genuiniely enjoys humiliating males!
Goddess Leona Updates

Popular Girl
Goddess Leona February 18, 2024
When Sam delivers a message from the teacher to popular girl Leona in detention she is not happy. She calls him a nerd and tells him there's a rumour he has a small dick. He denies it but she orders him to show her or she will spread it round the school. He drops his pants and her eyes widen in shock...
TASK - Cummy Sock
Goddess Leona October 15, 2023
Leona wants her task to be uncomfortable, disgusting and embarassing - and you'd better do it! So when you wake up in the morning, she wants you to put on your filthiest cuckold, loser, humiliation porn and jerk off. Just as you're about to ejaculate she wants you to put a sock over the end of your dick...
Leona's Dick Rating
Goddess Leona September 17, 2023
We sent Goddess Leona some pictures of our members' VERY small penises and she couldn't believe it! Watch as she humiliates David from Wales, comparing his dick to a mushroom and calling him a loser. She says if she pulled his pants down and saw his baby cock she would probbly start crying! She then...